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Screenwriting: Rubbish Pitching Performance

Human beings are naturally good at pitching; we do it on a daily basis to convince other people of our point of view. Think of the times you've talked your way out of paying a bill or talked a friend into doing something you want.

Screenwriters cannot afford to be afraid of pitching; it is an important part of the creative process. Pitching ideas in an informal setting to your friends, family, etc is the best way to discover if your story works. As a professional writer, you will spend nearly 50% of your time pitching to producers, whether selling an idea or during development. Join this weeks meeting and learn the essential techniques of professional film pitching.

A writer's workshop will follow the seminar (you do not need work to take part). If you would like feedback, please have available your:

Pitch (Basic premise in 50 words or less)
1 Page synopsis (the entire story in 500 words or less)
Scene (2-5 pages in screenplay format)
Shorts (up to 10 pages in screenplay format)

Time: 7:30pm GMT
Date: Mon
Entry: Free

If you would like to take part in the Webinar please e-mail with your contact number to: and we will send you a Skype link.

Soho Screenwriters takes place every Monday, all welcome.

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