Obtaining Funding is a big stepping stone for any new writer. It provides endorsement of your work and can help establish important relationships for future projects.

There are several organisations that give opportunities for writers to receive funding, obtain development training or even see their ideas produced.

However, make sure that your screenplay is sufficiently developed before sending it out to funding bodies - you don't always get a second chance.

Arts Council
The Arts Council is the national development agency for the arts in England, distributing public money from Government and the National Lottery. Whilst all funding for film is distributed via the Film Council and regional film offices, grants are available for other writing projects such as novels and theatre.
The BBC from time to time runs incentives to encourage people to write for TV. These have included BBC Talent and Breakers schemes for writing dramas.
GrantsNet gives information about grant schemes available to businesses and charities in the UK. GrantsNet aims to reduce the efforts and costs, of identifying and applying for a grant.

Film Council
The UK Film Council runs a number of funds including the Development Fund, providing support for single development projects and slate funding deals, and 25 Words or Less which offers up to 12 writers a fixed sum of £10,000 to develop a first draft script in a specific genre.
Lottery funding is also distributed on behalf of the Film Council through RIFE (Regional Investment Fund for England), which consists of nine regional film boards. Applicants must live or work in the relevant areas to qualify for funding.

EM-Media (East Midlands)
Run a Digital Shorts scheme and a script development scheme called Script Engine.

Northern Film and Media (North East)
Have a grants panel that meets each month to assess applications for media funding.

North West Vision
Offer a Digital Shorts scheme and as well as funding for script development.

Screen East
Run a Talent Campus for writers, producers and directors to help them develop short film ideas and funds the making of eight films each year.

Screen South (South East)
Run a Digital Shorts scheme each year and an Open Fund which awards grants every quarter for film-based projects.

Screen West Midlands
Run a script grant, funds for development and production loans as well as a freelance development fund.

Screen Yorkshire (Yorkshire and the Humber)
Support feature and short film development as well as running a production fund.

South West Screen
Currently running two projects for screenwriters - Write Up and Breaker - and a fund for making digital shorts each year.

Film London
Run PULSE a digital shorts fund and MICROWAVE a feature fund.
Grants are also distributed through a number of local borough film offices.

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