Check out these links for general guidance and great information about the craft and business of screen writing.

From word processors you can download to how to write a treatment, just about everything you need is out there and its yours for free .

The internet is a screenwriters' dream. Surf all these lovely sites for hours; yet another great excuse for not actually finishing your script!
Excellent site which explains in simple terms how to write a treatment and provides several examples from major films.
This new screenwriting discussion site promises to have treatments of produced films available to download – at present it only has one treatment and one step outline available with more promised in the future.
Many excellent essays by the US screenwriters of Shrek and PIrates of the Carribean about all the various elements of screenwriting and the film industry.
Features a series of essays outlining the basics of writing, developing, purchasing, protecting, and breaking down a script.
A series of colourful essays which target specific issues in writing and developing scripts.
Make sure your script gets the reader hot and bothered – in the right way. Go to this site to access a free article about writing sex scenes.
Fascinating resource for screenwriting including contacts for production companies, agencies, and lawyers, info on contests, and the latest news in script sales, including log lines to enable you to compare these high selling concepts to your own.
The Steve Barnes UCLA writing class. It is free to download and log jam full of nuggets of screenwriting gold.
A free script/story outline program to help you write your film.
Has some brilliant templates akin to Final Draft. Script Smart is particularly good as it covers Film, TV, Radio and Stage.
If you need a word processor, a Word compatible one is available here for free.
The Virtual Studio section of this web site is a community where writers can submit and workshop original work and where producers can make movies using built-in production tools. Membership is free but you have to sign up before gaining access.
An offshoot of Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti’s Triggerstreet production company with reviews of unproduced scripts. If scripts get into the sites’ top 10 they automatically enter into a 90 day first-look agreement with Triggerstreet.
US screenwriting site containing scripts to download, information about screenplay competitions, script editing and other writers' resources.
Australian screenwriting site featuring spec scripts and information about scripts making the Hollywood A list.
These are a selection of script sale sites, essentially providing platforms for new writers to present their scripts to industry executives.
If you want to pitch your stuff on a computer screen, log on here and try to sell your wares.
A US site offering a similar pitching service for writers.
Another pitch web site enabling screenwriters to get feedback on their work.
This site contains good links to other web sites and texts, and provides information on the Screenwriter’s Workshop and the courses that they offer.
Examining story, scene breakdown, structure etc, this web site is for writers who want to create a commercial megahit although lots is only available in the book of the web site.
Europe’s largest authorised distributor of screen writing and production software, this provides a wide choice of film making resources available for purchase.
Formerly known as the, this site aims to provide information about development and marketing for screenwriters with an extensive range of international contacts.
The Screenwriters' and Playwrights' page is a useful site that offers advice for new writers, links to other sites and a What’s New page that you should keep an eye on.
Catering more for US writers, this is still a useful site for reviews, advice and interviews with writers.
Script guru William C. Martell’s tips on screen writing, includes a daily changing script tip.
This large site contains links on various aspects of the UK film industry from production information to film festivals and movie reviews.
An attractive site containing an abundance of great information on a whole host of filmmaking topics.
Dedicated to helping independent filmmakers do what they love by offering links and information on current projects that are underway and on fellow filmmakers in your area.
Online community for independent filmmakers with a forum for communication, free ad posting, and a screening room to post your film for discussion and feedback.
An international media consultancy with offices in London and LA, asisting industry professionals to expand their business though training and developing contacts.
An index of links to over 300 screenwriting articles sorted by category plus monthly columns and book reviews, a forum for unproduced writers, a screenwriting contest, and script consulting services.
A site offering articles on creativity and screenwriting from the author of Script Magic.
Upload your script ideas to this on-line marketplace. Also offers free published screenplays, industry insider columns and screen writing demo downloads.
Site where agents and screenwriters buy and sell screenplays.
Internet news resource for screenplay, pitch, treatment, and books sales in the film industry, in addition to interviews, software & book reviews, advice, agency & production company listings and contests.
Info on screen writing contests and competitions, as well as other resources.
A number of resources for screenwriters with useful links.
Here writers can submit their query letter to screenplay agents and managers individually to over 300 Screenplay Agents and managers instantly via email.
Writers can receive feedback and contact information from their peers. The reviews are performed by large groups to pinpoint problem areas.
Screenwriting directory containing over 2000 screenplay agents, managers, film production companies and independent producers. Plus updated screen writing articles for new and emerging screenwriters.
"Writing Your Million Dollar Story" shows you everything you need to get your script into the hands of the people who can read and buy your scripts.
Offering valuable tools such as online classes, workshops, articles, billboards, chats, pitch sessions and mentor programs.
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