From Woody Allen to Quentin Tarantino, it is no coincidence that the world's greatest screenwriters have a phenomenal understanding of cinema.

Discovering the origins of cinematic traditions and analysing the key trends in film will contribute massively to the resonance of your work.

Read the books on our list and learn about the people and ideas who have shaped the industry as well a gain a deeper knowledge of the business of filmmaking itself.

History Of Film, David Parkinson, £9.99
Good overview of one of the 20th century's greatest inventions from the early photographic experiments through to the multi million pound blockbuster we know today.

The American Cinema, Andrew Sarris, £14.99
Love it or hate it, American films dominate our cinemas and television screens. For all Hollywood’s excesses, they have produced some of the greatest films of all time.

European Cinema: An Introduction, Jill Forbes, Sarah Street, £17.99
From Eisenstien’s theory of montage to the French New Wave, European cinema has produced many great masterpieces, influencing filmmakers all over the world.

The Genius Of The System: Hollywood Filmmaking In The Studio Era, Thomas Schatz, £10.49
This book details the powerful system running the factory of dreams in the early days of cinema through to the 1960s.

Easy Riders, Raging Bulls, Peter Biskind, £19.99
Classic book about Hopper, Fonda, Nicholson, Scorsese, Coppola et al, the Young Bucks who shaped the last golden age of Hollywood in the 1960-1970s.

Down And Dirty Pictures, Peter Biskind, £19.99
The author of "Easy Riders, Raging Bulls" account of the rise of independent cinema and the Weinstein brothers, responsible for recent classics such as Pulp Fiction.
Contemporary Hollywood Cinema, Steve Neale & Murray Smith, £17.99
This brings together leading international scholars to explore the technology, institutions, filmmakers, and movies of contemporary Hollywood cinema.

Film History: Theory And Practice, Robert Allen, Douglas Gomery, £32.99
A great book, especially for historical research, it reviews several formats (e.g. economic, social and technological history) then offers a guide for working in this way.

Eye On The World, Judy Stone, £19.99
Writer/directors like Quentin Tarantino have combined the best of European, Asian, and US cinema with great success. Make sure you know what is going on around the world.

European Film Theory And Cinema: A Critical Introduction, Ian Aitken, £12.49
A guide to the many critics and writers who have analysed films from an academic perspective, using Feminist, Marxist, Structuralism theories etc.

The A List: 100 Essential Films, Jay Carr
This compilation of 100 mini-essays by the National Society of Film Critics endeavours to explain why these films are required viewing for anyone to be "film literate".

The Film Encyclopedia, Ephraim Katz
The basic reference guide to the international cinema; much was written by Katz himself, so reading this is like talking to the witty and learned film historian himself.

An Introduction to Film Studies, Jill Nelmes
A guide to key issues and concepts in the field, this also traces the historical development of film, while introducing some of the world's key national cinemas.

How to Read a Film, James Monaco
Monaco discusses the elements necessary to understand how a film conveys its meaning, and more importantly, how the audience can best discern all that a film is attempting to communicate.

The Hollywood Studio System, A History, Douglas Gomery £16.99
The Hollywood Studio System is the first book to describe and analyse the complete development, classic operation, and reinvention of the global corporate entitles which produce and distribute most of the films we watch.

British Cinema: A Critical and Interpretative History, Amy Sargeant, £17.99
A book with an insightful decade-by-decade analysis of British Cinema. Classic films are brought back to life for a new generation of British cinema students and the general reader alike.
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