Any Screenwriter needs a good understanding of the building blocks of drama. Learning about story structure will help you free your ideas and give form to your creativity.

However, there is such a vast array of screenwriting books available that it can sometimes be overwhelming.

We have therefore compiled a list of recommended books, in the order we think provides the most logical development of your screenwriting skills.

Screenplay, Syd Field £8.00
"Father of structure” Syd Field outlines the theories he developed after years as a script reader. Clear and simple, it’s a very good place for beginning screenwriters to start.

The Screenwriter's Bible, David Trottier, £15.00
An excellent all-in guide to writing, formatting and selling your script containing a concise description of all the major structural events in a story, with examples from successful Hollywood films.

The Writers Journey, Christopher Vogler, £10.00
A Hollywood bible by one of the world’s top script consultants, Vogler uses the work of psychoanalyst Joseph Campbell to analyse screenwriting from a mythical perspective.

Poetics, Aristotle, £6.99 (go to TOOLKIT and download a PDF for free)
The notion that the principles of structure are something new are exploded by this classic theory of greek drama, spectacularly insightful and still considered the bible in Hollywood.

How To Write A Movie In 21 Days, Linda King, £12.00
Easy-to-understand method which, once mastered, you can use throughout your career as the quickest way to get the film in your head down on the page.

Story, Robert McKee, £14.95
Mckee’s hugely popular book is the most famous analysis of storytelling for the big screen, although it can be confusing for the beginning writer. Mckee also does intensive 3 day Story courses in London.

Screenwriting, Lew Hunter, £12.99
Following the screenwriting programme at UCLA that he teaches, Hunter covers topics such as the 2 minute movie and characterisation for the slightly more advanced writer.

Making A Good Script Great, Linda Segar, £11.99
In an industry where screenwriters face a 96% rejection rate, okay is not good enough. Segar shows you how to take your script to the next level where buyers will not be able to resist.
Alternative Scriptwriting, Ken Dancyger & Jeff Rush, £20
An insightful alternative to mainstream narrative structure, Dancyger analyses unconventional films with multiple protagonists, layered plot lines, and open endings.

Global Scriptwriting, Ken Dancyger, £20
The NYU screenwriting teacher and international script consultant's new book discussing the recent development of stories now traveling a global marketplace.

The Screenwriter's Problem Solver, Syd Field, £10.00
A more advanced book to follow on which teaches you how to recognise and define screenwriting problems in professionally produced scripts and in your own work.

Scriptwriting Updated, Linda Aronson, £14.99
Now screenwriters need to understand flashback structures like those in Pulp Fiction and Magnolia, Aronson explains how the new narrative structures work in relation to the old.

The Art Of Adaptation - Turning Fact and Fiction into Film, Linda Segar, £11.00
85% of Oscars for Best Picture go to films that are adaptations; here Segar tackles the tricky problems of adapting books, plays, and true life stories into film.

Art And Science Of Screenwriting, By Phillip Parker
In a clear and logical manner, this book covers all you need to know about the elements used to create a good screenplay.

How To Write A Selling Screenplay, Christopher Keane, £10.00
A step-by-step approach to developing your story and writing your screenplay by one of today's most successful screenwriters

How To Make Money Scriptwriting, Julian Friedmann, £14.95
Professional advice about the realities of a screenwriting career from an agent who knows. Friedmann also edits the excellent bi-monthly london-based scriptwriter magazine.

Writing Short Films, Linda J Cowgill, £15.00
Just because it's short doesn't mean it's not structured; this is a good introduction to writing short films that will stand out when they eventually hit the festival circuit.

Writing For Television, Gerald Kelsey, £10
A clear introduction to writing for the small screen - a good starting point for anyone looking to start actually earning money writing!

101 Habits Of Highly Successful Screenwriters, Karl Iglesias, £12.99
This fascinating book provides excellent advice on the working methods of successful American screenwriters, habits that any screenwriter would do well to acquire.

On Writing, By Stephen King
Short and snappy, this is part autobiography, part writers' "tool kit": reading lists, writing assignments, and advice on money, plot, character, and the basic building block of the paragraph.

Adventures In The Screen Trade, William Goldman, £9.99
A very witty ‘How I did it’ by the screenwriter who created Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Marathon Man, and the original Stepford Wives.

Which Lie Did I Tell, William Goldman, £9.99
Goldman's sequel about the ups and downs of working in the pounding heart of the entertainment industry.

Myth and the Movies, Stuart Voytilla, £17.99
Myth and mythic structure are often the key to defining the success factor in some of he most enduring films ever made. This book analyzes over 50 films in every cinematic genre including drama, westerns, horror and action-adventure.

Screenwriting: The Sequence Approach, Paul Gulino
The great challenge in writing a feature-length screenplay is sustaining audience involvement from the opening sequence to the closing credits. This book expounds on how an often-overlooked tool can be the solution to this problem.

Writing the Comedy Film, Stuart Voytilla and Scott Petri £10.99
Learn the successful mechanics and characteristics of the essential comic story forms, how to plant effective comic setups and payoffs, visual and verbal gags, and more.

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