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The London Script Consultancy has a range of script consultancy services to help identify the strengths and weaknesses of your screenplay. In addition we can prescribe a full development programme to prepare your script for the commercial market place



Film companies hire readers to evaluate your script in a 3 to 4 page report plus a one-word recommendation. The London Script Consultancy will provide a carbon copy, studio-style script “Coverage Report", giving you a professional, objective assessment of your work.
> You will receive a two-page synopsis, allowing you to compare the film you want to create to the one on the page, a full break down of the positive aspects of your script and those areas that need improving.
> Also includes an easy “at a glance” reference chart with ratings of concept, structure, characterisation etc plus logline, target audience and market potential.

LSC will provide a comprehensive 8-10 page development report. On consultation with the client, we provide a clear strategy for the development of your project plus a selection of indispensable resources tailored to your individual needs.
> Includes 3-4 page outline and a 4 page analysis of all the individual components of a screenplay e.g. High Concept, Theme, Structure, etc.
> You will receive an easy “at a glance” reference chart with logline, target audience and market potential.
> In addition, you will receive “The Next Step”, LSC’s unique development service. We provide a clear strategy detailing the next best step for the development of your project plus a selection of indispensable resources tailored to your individual needs.

Are you thinking about submitting a treatment to a film company or funding body? Let LSC cast an expert eye over it and make it as marketable as possible in a four-page report.
> Includes logline, “at a glance” reference chart, comments on plot and character strengths/weaknesses, analysis of the premise with a clear eye to marketability,
> Plus a "pass", “recommend" or "consider" decision on your treatment. This report is a great timesaver and may even take you in a completely new and improved direction.

A full analysis of your treatment is the best way to get to the heart of your story.
> We provide a 10-page report with a line-by-line analysis, focusing on problems and suggesting solutions for dialogue tightening, character strengthening, story arcs, and scene placement.
> Also Includes logline, one page synopsis and “at a glance” reference chart, giving you the essential tools to write a first-class screenplay.

Do you have a great idea for a story? A treatment is the best way to develop a story idea before writing the full screenplay – as essential as architectural plans for the building of a house. Come to LSC for a private consultation.
> We will develop your project from idea through to the creation of a full 10-page treatment ready for submission to producers or funding bodies.

Books are the most common source of non-original screenplays. The adaptation of a 300-page book into a 100-page screenplay is a complex and delicate business. LSC will help you by creating a detailed report.
> This includes exposing the main plotline, identifying the theme, deciding which characters and subplots to keep and which to drop.
> We also offer an expert, no-nonsense opinion on whether film companies would consider the adaptation worthwhile.

We will write a detailed treatment summation of your book – an invaluable intermediary document necessary before the creation of a screenplay. It will allow you, the writer, or producer, to examine the story as a whole, and rise to the challenge of creating an exciting film story whilst keeping true to the author's original vision.

We will develop a 1-2 page outline of your book treatment for its transformation into a screenplay. Creating the main plotline, identifying theme, high concept, developing essential characters and subplots.

When you submit your script to a film company or a funding body, it must be accompanied by a one-page synopsis. A winning synopsis will ensure that your script avoids the “immediate rejection” pile.
> We will write a professional synopsis to best present and sell your script to the people that matter.

Do you have a great idea for a script but want to run it by an expert first?
> This 1 hour telephone brainstorming session allows you to discuss and develop your idea, focusing on what you need to know, major mistakes to avoid, and that all-important resolution, so that you can begin writing straight away.

There is no better way to perfect your script than through an intensive one-to-one session with a professional script consultant.
> This will enable you to streamline the development process and aim towards perfecting your script and market it to the appropriate buyer.
> Whether you have an idea, treatment or completed screenplay, visit LSC for a private consultation to devise the best development strategy for the story you want to tell.

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