Is your script worth £50m? Is it worth £5m? Is it worth £500,000? This is the question every screenwriter, producer or director needs to ask him or herself when putting together a serious film project. The London Script Consultancy asks you: is your script really as good as you think?

Can it draw in an audience and secure a return on the huge investment required to put a film project into production?

We want to help you get the film in your head down on the page in the form of an accomplished script. Screenwriting is a profession within a commercial industry like any other; it requires a rigorous pursuit of excellence and a thorough understanding of the skills needed to develop a story into a perfectly crafted screenplay.

Whether a fan of low-budget art house or setting your sights on Hollywood, the London Script Consultancy is here to help you give your script the best possible chance to compete in one of the toughest industries in the world.

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