“The London Script Consultancy are a writer's dream: intelligent, straight shooting feedback dispensed in a timely manner”
BARNEY PLATTS-MILLS (UK Screenwriter/Director, Bronco Bullfrog, winner Critics Week, Cannes Film Festival)

“I love their ability to get to the heart of the matter. They certainly know how to cut to the chase”
ANDY SHELLEY (UK Director, Hammerman, Grandpa)

“Tromarific! No doubt about it, you guys kick ass“
LLOYD KAUFMAN (Director/Producer, Toxic Avenger, Terror Firmer)

“What a relief, a company that views the world from the writer's point of view. The creativity of the individual ought to be the cornerstone of the British Film Industry, but rarely is it seen as a priority. The London Script Consultancy seeks to change all that by providing grass root support for writers and filmmakers.They see the tuition of craft as a liberating force, not a constraint and above all, they provide a safe and welcoming environment in which to share ideas and information. They provide advice without judgment, education without pomp and support without any strings attached. Their well-established, well-attended writers groups are testament to their success. They are a brainy, gutsy, passionate organization run by artists, for artists”
ROB YOUNG (UK Screenwriter, Miranda, starring Christina Ricci)

"Our agent recommended that we contact The London Script Consultancy. We were apprehensive about using script consultants but they made our half decent idea but poorly executed script "excellent" and that's why it's being produced"

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