Leading publishers, Focal Press and Michael Wiese Productions have teamed up with The London Script Consultancy to give writers the chance to win two amazing Screenwriter's Packages.
Each package contains four books covering essential aspects of screenwriting.


Could It Be A Movie? by Christina Hamlett
How to get the idea out of your head and up onto the big screen.

Myth and the Movies by Stuart Voytilla,
Discover the mythic structure of over 50 classic movies.

If It's Purple, Someone's Going To Die by Patti Bellantoni
The power of colour in visual storytelling.

Writing the Comedy Film by Stuart Voytilla and Scott Petri
An analysis of the world of comedy. Learn what make us laugh in film.

To enter the competition please answer these three questions:

1. Which film is better Terminator I or II?

dddd 2. What is wrong with Christopher Nolan's writing - A: His plotting B: His scene structure C: His dialogue

dddd 3. What was the first movie to receive a '12' certificate in the UK?

Email your answers including address and contact number to:

Closing date: 1st Dec 2021

The first two correct entries drawn at random will win a Screenwriter’s Book Package.

Focal Press has been a leading publisher of Media Technology books for over 60 years. They provide essential resources for professionals and students in many areas, including: film and digital video production, photography, animation and new media. For more information about books published by Focal Press and Michael Wiese Productions visit

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